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Wall panel fixing

For this guide we are going to clad a bathroom 2.5mtr wide by 2.5mtr long, assuming the walls are fairly flat we are going to glue the panels directly to the wall. For uneven walls timber battens can be used to level.

Starting from an internal corner measure the height and cut an internal corner trim to length, glue the internal corner trim plumb and level into the corner with panel adhesive.

Cut your panel to the correct length, apply panel adhesive to the back of the panel in long S shape movements, push the panel onto wall and slide the rounded edge of the panel into the internal corner trim, repeat until the last panel.

If you are cladding another full wall, cut an internal corner trim to length and push onto the panel, glue the last panel complete with corner trim attached to the wall, if your wall ends against a door architrave use a starter trim to finish. (Starter trims can be used on both top and bottom of panels to hide cut edges) Cut the starter trim to length push onto the side of panel and glue the last panel complete with starter trim attached.

For walls with external corners or around a window, use an external corner trim. Clad the wall up to external corner or window reveal, cut external corner to length push the external corner trim onto the panel.

What we used in this project.

1 x External Corner
3 x Internal Corner
3 x Starter Trims  
32 x Panels
12 x Gripbond     

Total cost £310.05

Ceiling cladding

For this guide we are cladding a ceiling 2.5mtr wide 2.5mtr long, the best way to fix cladding to the ceiling is to fix onto timber battens.

Drill and plug battens around the outside edge of the room, then fix three battens across the width of the room (larger ceiling will need more battens across the width)
Screw or pin your starter trims or coving around three sides of the room, cut your panel to size and slide into the starter trim, screw or pin the tongue onto the batten, clip the infill trim onto edge of panel, repeat until the last panel, for this panel the easiest way is to push the starter trim or coving onto the panel and glue into place with panel adhesive.

What we used in this project.

10 x Panels
9 x Infill Trims
4 x Starter Trim 
1 x Gripbond

Total Cost £112.43


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